[MacDV] Re: Do not have cash to blow:(

E. Bond Francisco ebondfrancisco at mac.com
Wed May 14 20:04:46 PDT 2003


I've gotten a lot of good info from this list, and I appreciate it, but the
noise to signal ratio of late has increased to the point where it's really
no longer worth it to me. I mean, really, diet and exercise book? Commentary
on good and bad analogies?

I wish you all a lot of luck with your future video endeavors.




On 5/14/03 4:24 PM, "Illovox Media"  wrote:

> on 5/14/03 12:57 PM, Tom Kirshbaum at tom.kirshbaum at nau.edu wrote:
>> Brava, Erica. I imagine that buying script-writing software if you don't
>> already write well is equivalent to buying a diet and exercise book if you
>> aren't already in good shape.
>> Tom
> Actually, a diet and exercise book is an excellent expenditure on the road
> to health, weight loss and nutrition.  Why would you even need those books
> if you were in good health and shape?  Flawed analogy...
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