[MacDV] Maxed out power supply

Filipp Lepalaan filipp at mac.ee
Wed May 21 04:28:49 PDT 2003

Interesting question...
Apple specs say the maximum
wattage on Your machine is 200 W which
is actually really low. Normally,
powersupplies go around 300 which
should feed pretty much anything that
fits inside the case.

If You want to be totally precise, you could
always add up all the watts the different components

The most power-hungry components are 5,25 inch
optical drives (like the SD) and AGP graphics
boards. also, bus-powered firewire / usb (pretty minimal)
take quite a bit. Does the Formac have a separate
power supply?

Memory, CPU (esp. the G3/G4) and PCI cards usually take little power.

To sum things up, I'd say Your rig is pretty much on the edge
in terms of load on the power supply. What worries me is that this kind of
problem, should it arise, is really difficult to troubleshoot -
problems might range from no power to crashing/network problems,
is really difficult to troubleshoot.
If you Mac's running OK right now and You're only
planning on adding the dual CPU, I think you in the clear,
from there on, I don't know, not using the pass-through
power connector for a huge monitor would probably be a good

Anyone else have a similar setup?


On 5/16/03 6:08 PM, "Len McGrandle" <lencm at shaw.ca> wrote:

> I have a G4500 AGP and have added the following to it:
> -Superdrive
> -Firewire driven video system (Formac)
> -Ultra Wide SCSI card
> -ATI 8500 card
> -768 megs RAM
> I am considering a processor upgrade to 1.2 gigahertz for video
> processing
> At what point to I place too much demand on the power supply?  Will I
> not have an overheating problem?  I don't see much about these problems
> on sites such as Accelerate Your Mac.  Anyone have experience or
> knowledge of this?
> Len
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