[MacDV] Re: ALL THESE R? Get confusing

K. kochkodin at earthlink.net
Wed May 21 05:35:42 PDT 2003

ShirleyK wrote:

> Apple's are - (minus). This past week is the first I've heard of the
> Mac reading +. I don't have one to try, but I do have all three Pioneer
> drives to try in different computers I have access to.

I have a desk top Philips that is a  (+) unit....I have no problems playing DVD's made
on it on either my iMac SE 400 (Graphite) or Pismo 400..However, they will not play if
they haven't been finalized.  I am using Maxell DVD + R's and RW's...about $3 each at
Sam's...They had been $2 but after Christmas the price jumped.  Before that I got about
50 at $2.  Had a few coasters until we got the procedure down pat.
Mike K

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