Better Performance of iMovie 3.

Ian Tucker carlian at
Mon May 26 19:14:49 PDT 2003

On 10th May Dennis Amith commented that he was getting a much faster 
opening of iM3 since he upgraded to OSX 10.2.6.    I have to comment 
that I have not noticed any appreciable improvement since taking 
similar action, however the time it takes for iM3 to open in my setup 
is not unreasonable.  I am using a G4-933 with 640 mb of RAM and a 20" 
Apple LCD.

A little earlier Erica responded to a query from someone who was having 
performance problems as to whether they had tried the "minimize window" 
trick.  From memory,  she later commented that this was to do with 
exporting iMovie.   Anyway, I decided to check whether the overall size 
of my iMovie3 window was minimized on my Desktop and it wasn't.    
Since grabbing the little tab in the bottom RH corner and dragging it 
as far as it will go towards the top LH corner the stability of the 
Application has improved tremendously.      Previously, most times I 
tried to play around with audio in the Time Line, or "Save",  the Appn. 
would crash.   I hasten to add that I have not done a large amount of 
editing since making the adjustment and time will tell whether a lot of 
my performance problems have really gone away.

A useful reminder and what Erica may have been referring to :    ensure 
the "zoom" facility in the "Time Line" is minimized prior to exporting 
your movie; failure to do so could result in your audio being broken up.

My $A two cents for what it is worth.

Ian Tucker

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