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Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Thu Aug 5 08:40:29 PDT 2004

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Yes, I do.  Variable Speed is also called "Time Remapping"

The idea is to be able to vary the speed of the particular clip as it 
goes from beginning to end without changing the duration of the clip.

In the linear tape editing world, Sony would call it "Dynamic Motion" 
on its BetacamSP and other decks.

Unfortunately, my attempts to use it have resulted in not what I 
expected, nor anything approaching what I wanted to achieve.

For example, being able to gradually slow down a clip to a halt, or 
pick up from a dead stop, or slow down/speed up in the middle of a clip 
with normal speed on either side.

When I've selected a clip in the timeline, then attempted to apply 
variable speed (going to the "speed" selection from the main menu bar) 
the in point usually jumps to the beginning of the captured segment, 
not the marked in point.

Thinking it must be operator error and not having time to go through a 
learning curve, I've just not used the function.

I've printed out the manual's section on using variable speed (in 
Chapter 4) and will give that a try.

Just wondered whether anyone else has a simple explanation for either 
how to use the function, or the "jump to the head of the clip" 
situation I've run into.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm."


On Aug 5, 2004, at 5:31 AM, Macintosh Digital Video List wrote:

> Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 22:18:18 -0700
> Subject: Re:  FCP--Using Variable Speed--Not easy.
> From: sb <videovideo at mac.com>
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> Do you mean Time Remapping?
>  sb
> On 8/4/2004 11:23 AM, "Ted Langdell" <ted at tedlangdell.com> wrote:
>> Ted Langdell
>> Ted Langdell Creative Broadcast Services
>> Marysville, CA
>> Does anyone have a simple explanation for how to use the variable 
>> speed
>> feature of Final Cut Pro?
>> It's not exactly intuitive, like most other things about FCP.

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