iMovie4 Export to Tape problem-long

John Collins johnccollins at
Sun Jun 6 14:43:47 PDT 2004

This may turn out a little long to cover what I have done, but the 
question is--- what is causing iMovie 4.0.1 to loose connection with my 
Sony TRV-20 DV camera when I export a finished movie back to tape?

Background: I think I have eliminated all the causes except the iMovie4 
or Panther 3.4 software. Here is a summary of steps taken:
1. I had completed a major video project of over 1hr. and tried to 
export to tape--error message--"iMovie lost its connection to the video 
camera. Please check the connections and try again." I did the obvious 
with no success but was able to complete the DVD in iDVD4 with no 
problems other than my learning curve. After making multiple copies, 
the error again occurred when I tried to archive the video.

2. I then created a 20" edited movie on my Pismo (also iMovie4) to 
experiment with. Had no problems and exported it to tape. Next I 
reimported that video to the G4/800 with no problems (have never had a 
problem connecting to the camera and importing footage. But again I 
could not export back to the same tape (I think the media is OK-- Sony 
& TDK).

3. Several tests including swapping out 3 FW cables, trying all my FW 
ports--2 internal and 3 PCI. I tried increasing the camera preparation 
time and discarded iMovie Preferences. All with no change.

4. Then I did a clean install of iMovie 4.0 from the CD and did the 
upgrade to 4.0.1. Still no change.

5. Next I restarted to Jaguar 2.8 and tried iMovie 3.0.3--worked with 
no problem. Archived my long video and all was well. Except I would 
like to use iMovie4.

6. So based on Jeff Carlson's book on iMovie 4, I did the permissions 
routine and "updated prebindings" in terminal, whatever that is. I also 
checked the Apple iMovie discussions and Yahoo's list with no success. 
I must admit, I get pretty frustrated trying to search the lists, so I 
may have missed the obvious. Speaking of the obvious, I have wondered 
if there is something very obvious that I have overlooked.

Any suggestions or pointers to another source of info.


G4/Dual 800, 1.5 Gb, & ext. FW HDs running Jaguar 2.8 and Panther 3.4
Pismo G4/550 Daystar, 1 Gb, 40 Gb HD running Panther 3.4

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