8mm and Super 8mm movies to video revisited

Bill Wilson bill at wlwdesign.com
Sun Jun 27 16:53:52 PDT 2004

Some time back there was quite the discussion about film-to-video 
transfers, with many good referrals for transfer services. Someone 
suggested a Kodak telecine box manufactured back in the '70s. At the 
time, the poster thought it might be one of many Kodak Moviedecks 
routinely available on eBay, but these seem to be merely 8/Super 8 

Does anyone have any more info on that Kodak box? I'm on a tight 
deadline for a vid project that requires just a few snippets of old 
movie clips -- not a complete transfer to video at this point -- and 
I wonder if the telecine treatment might be overkill and a simple box 
like I've seen in Best Buy (still?) would do the trick, Seems that 
even a little "jiggle and shake" might even add to the vid I'm doing.

Have I opened up the proverbial can of worms again? If so, my 
apologies in advance! If not, I welcome any/all suggestions!


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