[MacDV] I hope I have the new address correct

lloyds lloyds at vermontel.net
Sat Sep 18 16:58:37 PDT 2004

Howdy folks,

I now have a 33+min community video in FCE which, when I export it and
burn in iDVD, takes up about 2 GB of space on a DVD-R disc.  I want to
keep the high quality on this 33 minute movie.  The DVD will be
ultimately (in a month) be circulated to as many of the 550 people in
our town who want to see it, at a nominal price.

In making this video, we've had to cut drastically the 50+ hours of
interviews that I still have in my computer.  The outtakes I have edited
into six short (or not-so-short) sequences, totalling about 101
minutes.  This number might increase by 20 minutes, adding a seventh
sequence.  What I would like very much to do is get this all onto one
DVD.  I think it's fine to cut down on the quality and the size of these
six or seven sequences, because people will like to see the outtakes and
to hear the opinions of their neighbors on subjects we weren't able to
incorporate in the final video, and I'm pretty sure they'll accept a
drastic reduction in size and quality:  they know these people on the

Questions:  1) By cutting quality and size, is this doable on one DVD?
2)  In exporting a video from FCE, using the path for QuickTime
conversion, when it asks for "size," what kind of numbers should I
enter? (Inches? Inches on the screen?  Pixels?)



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