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I would recommend another option if the hardware is available to you.
Export all of your edited footage to mini DV. Then use a DVD recorder (The
Pioneer DVR-310 or equivalent) to record directly to DVD-r. You can make
the transfer through its dv input, and choose whatever bitrate to get the
quality needed in a longer time frame. It allows up to 6 hours in length in
10 min steps.

The nice thing is that you could transfer the final 33 min edit at best
rate, then compress all of the outtakes onto the same disc and still
achieve better than VHS quality. Once this original is finalized, you can
make as many dubs on the Mac as you need.


James Asherman wrote:

> On Saturday, September 18, 2004, at 07:58  PM, lloyds wrote:
> > Questions:  1) By cutting quality and size, is this doable on one DVD?
> Not with iDVD. DVDSP sure. I think maybe you could do this with Toast
> 6, maybe.
> You need to be able to fine tune the bit rate, which you can't in iDVD.
> > 2)  In exporting a video from FCE, using the path for QuickTime
> > conversion, when it asks for "size," what kind of numbers should I
> > enter? (Inches? Inches on the screen?  Pixels?)
> You should leave it on "current size" which is presumably a normal
> video size.
>   Unless you are looking at some custom size or web video just let TV be
> TV.
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