[MacDV] Standalone DVD Recorders

Erica Sadun erica at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 20 16:45:44 PDT 2004

>Do any of you have experience with a DVD standalone recorder? A 
>friend of mine is a wedding vidographer and her customer wanted 
>their wedding on a DVD. She ask me to do it for her.  It took me 
>approximately 6 hours to do it. I was wondering if a standalone 
>recorder would be quicker and easier.
>Other than speed, is there any other advantage to these units?

Speed is pretty much it. Menus aren't great, editing is mostly

>Is there anyway recordings can be made direct to the unit from iDVD on my Mac?

Only from iMovie, not from iDVD.

>Can any editing be done on these units?

Some have minimal editing.

-- Erica

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