[MacDV] Lost files in iMovie4 project

Jeff Carruthers jeff at carruthers.ca
Thu Sep 23 18:32:58 PDT 2004

I'm hoping that someone can provide some advice/insight on how to 
recover an iMovie 4 project that my wife has been working.

It includes both movie clips, stills with Ken Burns effect, music and 
voice overs.

Because she had to do a wedding for her Brother and because the video 
took up so much room, she had to move a lot of the content to other 
drives. Now that the wedding video is completed, she has discovered 
that most of the original movie project is gone (about a tenth is still 
there) and a couple of back-ups won't even open.

Any idea what the problem is and if there's any way to recover the 
project, short of reimporting and redoing everything?

She does have a DVD of the project and will use that as a guide to 
piece the project back together again, if it comes down to that. She 
has all the original video files on tape and on disk, but obviously not 
in the right place for iMovie.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Jeff Carruthers

P.S. the project started off as something doable in iMovie but it's 
become quite complex and, in retrospect, she should have done it in 
Final Cut Pro.

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