[MacDV] Transferring Dish DVR to PB?

Patty Winter patty1 at sonic.net
Sun Sep 26 13:54:44 PDT 2004

   >From: Brian Olesky <brian4 at sbcglobal.net>
   >Patty, the Canopus looks great, but all I want to do is grab a few hours of
   >old shows to take with me, watch and trash, and $300 is a bit pricey to do

Oh, so you're only going to do it once? I suppose even the low-end
Canopus (MSRP $219; street price probably less) wouldn't make sense
then, either.

As someone else suggested, if you have a video camera, you can use
it as an A/D converter.
   >As far as Dish's tech support saying it couldn't be done, I suspect their
   >call center people aren't techies, just people with a cheat sheet of
   >frequently asked questions having to do with DVR problems.

I suppose so, although you'd think they would at least be aware
of the RCA and S-video outputs.


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