[MacDV] Transferring Dish DVR to PB?

Brian Olesky brian4 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 26 14:46:02 PDT 2004

 From: Brian Olesky <brian4 at sbcglobal.net>
>> Patty, the Canopus looks great, but all I want to do is grab a few hours of
>> old shows to take with me, watch and trash, and $300 is a bit pricey to do
>> that. 
> Oh, so you're only going to do it once? I suppose even the low-end
> Canopus (MSRP $219; street price probably less) wouldn't make sense
> then, either.

Nope, this is just something I'd do once or twice a year for the odd show
here and there. I can just watch 'em when I get home.
> As someone else suggested, if you have a video camera, you can use
> it as an A/D converter.

Nope, no video camera. I think it's a generational thing. My kids are grown,
so now they're the ones with the video cameras, shooting their kids. My kids
lives are extensively recorded on 35 mm slides (now imported into iPhoto).
>> As far as Dish's tech support saying it couldn't be done, I suspect their
>> call center people aren't techies, just people with a cheat sheet of
>> frequently asked questions having to do with DVR problems.
> I suppose so, although you'd think they would at least be aware
> of the RCA and S-video outputs.

That's actually what I was hoping to find: some way of outputting the shows
from the DVR via RCA or S-video, directly into the PB. But, no big deal. I
can always read a book instead.

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