[MacDV] Re: In FCP -- Moving entire projects from one drive to another...

Lanny Cotler lcotler at willitsonline.com
Tue Nov 22 00:12:12 PST 2005

>The Media Manager is the proper way to go.
>Depending on what's in the project (just video clips? Or, stills, music,
>titles from PS....)
>You could just copy the folder containing all the clips to the new drive,
>copy the project to the new drive, and then open the project and reconnect
>the media.
>If you put the media back into the FCP Docs/Capture Scratch/XXXProject, on
>the new drive, FCP will be even happier.
>  regards,
>  sb
>On 11/21/05 9:07 AM, "Lanny Cotler" <lcotler at willitsonline.com> wrote:
>>  Today, I have to offload a whole FCP project from a friend's computer
>>  to an external 120 GB of mine, so I can work on it while he's away. I
>>  want to make sure I get it all...and right...the first time. Any
>>  advice...?
>  > Lanny

Thanks, sb, this is exactly what I shall do.

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