[MacDV] Re: In FCP -- Moving entire projects from one drive to another...

sb videovideo at mac.com
Mon Nov 21 22:39:01 PST 2005

The Media Manager is the proper way to go.

Depending on what's in the project (just video clips? Or, stills, music,
titles from PS....)

You could just copy the folder containing all the clips to the new drive,
copy the project to the new drive, and then open the project and reconnect
the media.

If you put the media back into the FCP Docs/Capture Scratch/XXXProject, on
the new drive, FCP will be even happier.



On 11/21/05 9:07 AM, "Lanny Cotler" <lcotler at willitsonline.com> wrote:

> Today, I have to offload a whole FCP project from a friend's computer
> to an external 120 GB of mine, so I can work on it while he's away. I
> want to make sure I get it all...and right...the first time. Any
> advice...?
> Lanny

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