[MacDV] Sound Bug in Imovie 4

HW Bags hwbags at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 12:05:55 PST 2005

I do sports videos for my daughters Soccer  team.  At the end of each game I put some slow motion  highlights.  Normally what I do is set the sound to zero with the  slider bar and then I cover the dead air with John WIlliams sound  tracks.  Never had a problem with this in Imovie 2 or 3.
  But in imovie 4 ( (1.8 G5 with 10.4) the sound is still there and in  slow motion sounds like cows approaching a slughter house.  I  didn't notice until I rendered highlights with no background  music.  is this a recognized problem with imovie 4.  The only  workaround I have found is to extract the sound and then delete it.

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