[MacDV] Re: Final Cut Pro 4.5 & QT7 compatibility question

Derek Roff derek at unm.edu
Sat Sep 17 16:29:25 PDT 2005

We have Final Cut Pro HD (4.5), on a G5 PowerMac 1.8 GHz dual, running OS 
10.3.9.  We upgraded to QuickTime 7 Pro (a new code number is required, 
which we paid for).  Most of our Final Cut projects wouldn't open properly, 
and several of them caused Final Cut to crash while opening the project.

We downgraded to QuickTime 6 Pro, and all our projects work again.  There 
is a downgrade installer on the Apple web site, apparently due to this or 
other problems.  I don't know the details and causes, but our experience is 
that QuickTime 7 Pro and Final Cut Pro HD have serious incompatibilities. 
Or perhaps the incompatibility is between QT7 and Panther.  In any case, it 
didn't work for us.


> Does anyone know if QuickTime 7 is compatible with Final Cut Pro 4.5?
> I've been hesitating to update QT from version 6. I don't care about
> having to pay for the Pro version for QT7 again, I'm just concerned
> with whether QT7 will mess things up. I'm using OS 10.3.9.

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