[MacDV] Re: Final Cut Pro 4.5 & QT7 compatibility question

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Sat Sep 17 16:47:48 PDT 2005

It is more likely that the problem is with existing projects and the  
upgrades rather than QT 7 alone. This is only a guess. I imagine if  
you start a new project with QT 7 and FCP 4.5 in Panther it will work  
fine. I am only imagining things.

I am using FCP 4.5 with QT 6.5.2 and Panther 10.3.9 to get 3ivx two  
pass encodes for the web to work properly. So I can relate to your  
consternation. With Tiger and QT 7 the 3ivx two pass encode yields  
huge file sizes. The moving target of OS changes and developer  
followings is always frustrating isn't it? 3ivx says that because of  
Core Video and QT 7 changes they don't know when they will get the  
two pass encode working right. So I just set up an old system and QT  
as my work around - have Tiger and 7 (required in Tiger) of course.

Still looking for a non H.264 alternate encode I can use in Tiger and  
QT 7 for webcast level quality that won't collapse when you zoom in  
or blow up the 320 x 240 image. I've resorted to one frame per second  
for some of my longer pieces. Not sure the fast start works in the  
Panther QT 6.5.2 two pass encode. So I may wind up giving up on this  
way soon.

BTW you all see the new Canon XL H1 HDV Camcorder for $8,999 in  
November? Boy that is one sweet machine. Canon glass. Oh yeah...
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On Sep 17, 2005, at 4:29 PM, Derek Roff wrote:

> We have Final Cut Pro HD (4.5), on a G5 PowerMac 1.8 GHz dual,  
> running OS 10.3.9.  We upgraded to QuickTime 7 Pro (a new code  
> number is required, which we paid for).  Most of our Final Cut  
> projects wouldn't open properly, and several of them caused Final  
> Cut to crash while opening the project.
> We downgraded to QuickTime 6 Pro, and all our projects work again.   
> There is a downgrade installer on the Apple web site, apparently  
> due to this or other problems.  I don't know the details and  
> causes, but our experience is that QuickTime 7 Pro and Final Cut  
> Pro HD have serious incompatibilities. Or perhaps the  
> incompatibility is between QT7 and Panther.  In any case, it didn't  
> work for us.
> Derek

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