[MacDV] Question about archiving iMovie projects

Patty Winter patty1 at sonic.net
Wed Sep 21 15:26:55 PDT 2005

Once I've made a full-resolution QuickTime file of an iMovie
project, is there any reason for me to keep the original iMovie
media files? I have some movies that are 1.5 hours, so they're
18GB each. Right now, that means 36GB per movie, since I have
both the original and final files. Do I need them both?

I'm even wondering whether I need to keep the full-res QT files
after I've made DVDs from them. The 18GB gets squeezed down to
4.7GB on the DVD, so if I ever need more copies, I might as well
just copy that DVD, right? I'm never going to regain the original
resolution with consumer-grade DVD recorders, unless at some
point in the future a capacity other than 4.7GB becomes common.


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