[MacDV] My Mac is taking three times longer to boot up...

Gordon Alley gordon.alley at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 05:54:55 PDT 2005

To find out all about fsck, you can open a Terminal window and enter
the command "man fsck". To scroll the text, press Return to scroll a
line at a time, or Space to scroll a page at a time.

Basically, fsck is the File System ChecK program for UNIX. The "f"
option forces it to check even volumes that have been marked as Clean.
The "y" option tells it to automatically proceed as if the user
responded "Yes" anytime it would prompt for a yes/no response from the
user. If you would rather respond to such prompts yourself, leave out
the "y" in the command. The "y" option is typically used when fsck is
being run from a script, where there is no user monitoring its

On 9/29/05, Lanny Cotler <lcotler at willitsonline.com> wrote:
> What is " fsck -fy"?
> When this happens to me, I run fsck -fy, then Repair Permissions. It is
> always a good idea to run at least Repair Permissions after installing new
> software.
>  Jamie
>  In a message dated 9/27/05 2:33:58 PM, lcotler at willitsonline.com writes:
> I've recently upgraded to FCP 5. And a few other apps. Such as SnapZ
> Pro. Could the latter do it?

Gordon B. Alley

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