[MacDV] Fw: Internal Muxer Error - DVDSPro 4

Brett Conlon brett.conlon at SonyDADC.com
Sun Feb 12 22:01:09 PST 2006

Hi Nick,

Previously I was using DVDSPro to encode the assets on build but that was 
just too flaky so in the end I have been using compressor to make the m2v 
files then place them into my project. The build is much faster now of 
course but now I'm thinking that maybe I should do my slideshows in FCPro 
also... perhaps less room for error.

In my bit-budgeting I calculated the video should be approx 5.3mbps but as 
my other email to the list says, I'm rather confused about how much space 
DVDSPro sees on a DL disc and how it manages sizes as you get closer and 
closer to a formatted disc.

Just as a test, I took my successful 7.9GB build folder (that the DVDSPro 
build log said was too big by 35MB) and tried to use ToastLite to burn the 
VIDEO_TS folder as a data disc but it failed with buffer underrun with 
20mins left (possibly half way). I think I had tried this ages ago with 
this project and it failed with the same time remaining then too 
(expensive failures at $10 a pop). Could it be that the burner isn't 
getting any layer change info and is failing half way through the burn. I 
would have thought as a data disc it wouldn't matter what I was burning 
that Toast should be able to make the layer change for me.



Nick Scalise <nickscalise at cox.net> 
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Re: [MacDV] Fw: Internal Muxer Error - DVDSPro 4

Just guessing here, but have you tried pre-compressing the files 
using Compressor first? Or is it too complex for that?

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