[MacDV] Fw: Internal Muxer Error - DVDSPro 4

Nick Scalise nickscalise at cox.net
Fri Feb 10 06:46:22 PST 2006

Just guessing here, but have you tried pre-compressing the files  
using Compressor first? Or is it too complex for that?

On Feb 8, 2006, at 8:47 PM, Brett Conlon wrote:

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>> Subject
>> Internal Muxer Error - DVDSPro 4
>> Hiya,
>> I'm running DVDSpro 4.02 and am trying to create a final build of  
>> a dual
>> layer project I'm working on. After finally sorting out a number of
>> previous errors I've encountered a new one that I have no idea how  
>> to get
>> around it. Today is the first time I've received this error. I've  
>> made a
>> number of builds in the past few weeks and not received it before.
>> The error, as the subject states, is "Internal Muxer Error". It's  
>> at the
>> point where it's compiling VTS#5. The log shows that it passes  
>> writing the
>> VOB file OK but then fails on the Muxing VOB File part.
>> Any thoughts?
>> <RANT>
>> I'm getting so sick of this project now... I just want it on a  
>> disc and be
>> done with it!
>> Initially I had terrible problems building the job. It'd run for  
>> nearly 24
>> hours and then error on the encoding. I then split the single  
>> video file
>> into 2 parts but got the same error. But at least I had 1 file of 2
>> encoded which made the next tests quicker. I eventually ended up  
>> splitting
>> all the footage up into 30 minute segments, making new AC3 files,  
>> placing
>> all that into my track and still got the error when building but  
>> it was on
>> the last segment so encoding for all previous segments had worked.  
>> I then
>> suspected drive space could be the issue and after carefully removing
>> unwanted render files from my Final Cut Pro project the job finally
>> built!!! So the "Encoder Error" message was simply that there wasn't
>> enough drive space to continue encoding THEN make the build. I  
>> wish it was
>> SMART ENOUGH to simply tell me that!!!! Coulda saved me a few  
>> weeks of
>> failed nightly attempts at building. Looking at my ext. FW drive I  
>> still
>> had 9GB of available space so I thought I was safe... but in my  
>> calcs I
>> wasn't including the encoding that was required first.
>> The next error was "Marker position in movie not at GOP Boundary"  
>> I tried
>> resaving that specific footage (with the offending marker) out of  
>> FCPro
>> but I'd get the error again from time to time. Funny that when I  
>> first
>> bring the footage into DVDSPro I could run the build without the  
>> error but
>> after it had tried to encode and got the Encoding errors, the next  
>> time I
>> tried to build it'd say the marker was orff again. So for a while  
>> I was
>> having to delete all the video/audio from the track, remove all  
>> markers,
>> replace all audio/video then drop all markers back into my stories  
>> before
>> I could happily try my next build. A workmate suggested that I  
>> delete the
>> marker in the track and set it back with a DVDSpro marker instead. It
>> worked (saving me 5 or more mins of rebuilding) but I may still  
>> get the
>> message again on next build and I'd also kinda like to know why it  
>> was
>> failing.
>> Anyway, that's where I'm at now... with the STUPID muxer error?  
>> but no
>> doubt it's probably STUPID me who did something to cause it....
Nick Scalise
nickscalise at cox.net

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