[MacDV] Most suitable Intel equipped Mac to buy?

tucker ian carlian at picknowl.com.au
Fri Feb 17 15:10:44 PST 2006

A friend and I use Adobe CS2 and Final Cut Pro quite a lot.   He is  
using an earlier, desk-lamp type G4 iMac and I am using a 933 Power  
PC G4.  We both have FCP Studio (Universal) on order and are  
intending to upgrade to new Intel equipped Macs.   Money restraints  
prevent both of us from going crazy and buying "the top of the  
range", but as serious hobbyists we are prepared to shell out enough  
money to get  models that will see us fairly well covered for our  

I already have a 20" Cinema LCD screen and tend to lean towards a  
"tower" again due to expandibility and  yet with the arrival of large  
capacity external HD's this factor appears not to be as big a factor  
as it used to be.   The new Intel equipped iMac with 20" screen  
appears to maybe fill our requirements (we both already have large  
external HD's) and the portability of the iMac , particularly for my  
friend, is an attractive feature.

We would appreciate other Listers opinions on whether we wait for the  
new tower/desktop models to arrive, or whether we settle for top  
model iMacs.

Ian Tucker

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