[MacDV] Re: best HD videocam for the Mac?

sb videovideo at mac.com
Wed Oct 18 13:33:24 PDT 2006

The big difference in quality is the lens.
That said, the little Sony HC-3 takes a pretty good picture, much improved
from the sub-$1,000 DV cameras.

I don¹t know who your viewers are, or what they will be comparing your video
to, but if you mean notice a difference between standard DV and HDV, yes,
they should notice an improvement.
Make sure you use an external mic for all audio. Audio is 50% of the
perceived quality of an image.



On 10/18/06 1:07 PM, "Greg Brown" <gwbrown1 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> HD cameras are a lot more expensive. The least expensive is the Panasonic
>> HVX200 which costs about $6,000, plus the P2 cards (instead of video tape)
> *GASP*  
> Ok, HDV it is.  Will my viewers notice any quality difference when viewing the
> high def video?  

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