[MacDV] Exporting completed FCP project to DVD Studio Pro.

carlian carlian at picknowl.com.au
Thu Oct 19 16:28:26 PDT 2006

I am finding the format options available for exporting a completed  
FCP project to DVD Studio Pro confusing.

I would like to export a FCP file in the best quality I can and the  
other day after  getting into trouble with"90 minute Best Quality  
Pal" using Compressor,  I made a second attempt using "H.264 " in  
Compressor   .   This encoded for 6 hours and still had 10 hours to  
run when I terminated it.  The film is 42 minutes long and I am using  
a MacPro 2.66 with 3GB RAM.

I have referred to various Manuals, but cannot find a recommendation  
as to the best format for my purposes.

I have actually burnt a DVD of the project using DVD Studio Pro, but  
I am not happy with the degradation of the video picture from what is  
shown in FCP.

Your advice(s) would be appreciated.

Thanks to those that responded to my earlier queries this week.

Ian Tucker,

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