[MacDV] What does it take???

Gordon Alley gordon at gordonalley.com
Tue Oct 16 07:10:53 PDT 2007

Toast 8 can perform DVD video compression.

You can use it to copy a video DVD or DVD image file to a
lower-capacity DVD, and it will optionally recompress the video to fit
the target media.

It can take video from multiple VIDEO_TS folders and combine them into
a single DVD.

It can import from a camcorder and produce a video DVD from that.

Toast can also operate in a mode where it will try to recover video
from damaged (e.g., scratched) media.


On 10/16/07, Dennis Fazio <dfz at mac.com> wrote:
> On Oct 13, 2007, at Sat, Oct 13 2007, 1:39 am, Brett Conlon wrote:
> > So what is needed to get the "ripped" disc happily back onto a disc
> > which
> > will play like a normal Disc???
> The most reliable way to get a DVD-player-capable backup copy of your
> commercial DVD is with Mac the Ripper (preferably version 3 to handle
> some of the newer disks with extended copy protection junk) to decode
> onto your hard drive and either DVD2OneX or DVDRemaster to recompress
> and write the new DVD. I think Popcorn will recompress and write a
> video DVD also.
> Most 2 hour movies will decode to 6 or 7GB. You'll need to recompress
> to get it back onto a 4.7GB DVD.
> Handbrake will decode many DVDs also. You can probably write a
> playable video DVD with Toast if no compression is needed, but I
> haven't done that myself.
> DVD2OneX and DVDRemaster will allow you to burn the movie only,
> without the menus and extras and multiple languages, thereby reducing
> the amount of compression needed and increasing the quality of the
> final result.
> If you have a scratched disk, it might be reconstructed with a
> cleaning and polishing. Many of the larger chain video rental stores
> now have CD/DVD polishing machines that will refurbish the surface
> for $4 or $5. It might be an easier path to try that first.
> --
> Dennis Fazio

Gordon B. Alley

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