[MacDV] New iMovie

Mary Ann mjanosko at verizon.net
Sun Oct 12 05:16:37 PDT 2008

I am a high school teacher and my school has just installed iLife'08. I'm
part way through the tutorial, and need to start using the program with my
students very soon. I've run into a problem.

The machines are not networked. Normally, the student's projects are
collected from each machine onto a "Master" tape (using a Canopus box and
VCR set-up). I know tape is really outdated technology, but it allows me to
gather all the work in one place, to grade it, and then play-back to the
whole class for review and sharing. (Not all the machines can burn DVD's so
it wouldn't be an option to collect 22 individual DVD's)

We are still following this procedure for the advanced students who edit
with Final Cut Express, but the beginner students use iMovie. I don't know
how to get the new imovie to "send out to camera" or "print to video" as we
do in Final Cut. 

There are a lot of choices under the new iLife'08 menu (apple TV, web
streaming), but don't include anything as old-fashioned as camera or
videotape. Even more confusing is that the tutorial explains how to send the
finished product to iTunes. Why would I want it there? Can that help me?

I thought someone out there may understand:
1. how can I get an iMovie'08 project out to a Canopus box and VCR?
2. Why would I export a video product to iTunes? Will that step help it get
to the Canopus/VCR?

While there may be an answer, down the road, to change our hardware set-up
to share work on a web server or something, that is not something that can
be done today. Hope someone can help with my immediate problem.

Mary Ann  

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