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Rich rgb at ellerbach.com
Sun Oct 12 05:36:14 PDT 2008

On 12-10-2008 8:16, Mary Ann wrote:
> I am a high school teacher and my school has just installed iLife'08. I'm
> part way through the tutorial, and need to start using the program with my
> students very soon. I've run into a problem.
> The machines are not networked. Normally, the student's projects are
> collected from each machine onto a "Master" tape (using a Canopus box and
> VCR set-up). I know tape is really outdated technology, but it allows me to
> gather all the work in one place, to grade it, and then play-back to the
> whole class for review and sharing. (Not all the machines can burn DVD's so
> it wouldn't be an option to collect 22 individual DVD's)
> We are still following this procedure for the advanced students who edit
> with Final Cut Express, but the beginner students use iMovie. I don't know
> how to get the new imovie to "send out to camera" or "print to video" as we
> do in Final Cut. 
> There are a lot of choices under the new iLife'08 menu (apple TV, web
> streaming), but don't include anything as old-fashioned as camera or
> videotape. Even more confusing is that the tutorial explains how to send the
> finished product to iTunes. Why would I want it there? Can that help me?
> I thought someone out there may understand:
> 1. how can I get an iMovie'08 project out to a Canopus box and VCR?
> 2. Why would I export a video product to iTunes? Will that step help it get
> to the Canopus/VCR?
> While there may be an answer, down the road, to change our hardware set-up
> to share work on a web server or something, that is not something that can
> be done today. Hope someone can help with my immediate problem.
> Mary Ann  
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