[MacDV] Imovie'o8

Mary Ann mjanosko at verizon.net
Mon Oct 13 16:20:21 PDT 2008

Thanks to all for your help with iMovie'08. Just having you all confirm that
'08 wouldn't go to tape saved me hours of time and much frustration and
aggravation. I'll ask my IT guy to install iM6, and see if we can go from

I have been thinking about Rich's suggestion: make the movie in '08, then
send it to 'o6 for export.
It seems that just having the kids use '06, and forget '08 totally, would be
less hassle for everyone. But, I could be short sighted on this. Is there a
good reason to continue with the '08 step? Maybe this is valuable approach
from the stand-point of just using the newest version of the software, or
for those times when you may want the product to be an e-mail, or web
product or a use like that.

I got a good suggestion off list on how to change my work-flow. It would
need a bigger portable hard drive than I have at present and also a ceiling
mount projector to show the finished work (instead of a TV/VCR as we do
now). These are not giant hurdles, but probably can't be in place until the
next school year. 

Tim's tip about a way to send QT movies to tape is really something. I
printed those directions from the like he sent and think that I'll try this
out. It could be useful in lots of situations.

Thanks again.
Mary Ann

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