[MacDV] Imovie'o8

Shirley Kehr shirleykat at mac.com
Mon Oct 13 16:30:10 PDT 2008

I was thinking about that too. I guess there are some things that each  
version does that the other doesn't. But if your students plan to go  
any further with video editing, it would certainly be good to have  
some experience with '06, which has a more normal video editing  
interface. I don't have time to read and digest these, but google for  
'imovie 08 versus 06' for a bunch of topics discussing this. When  
iMovie 08 first came out, most of the people in the iMovie forum  
dismissed '08. But I think many are checking it out and finding some  
useful features. One might be accepting more cameras using newer  


On Oct 13, 2008, at 7:20 PM, Mary Ann wrote:

> It seems that just having the kids use '06, and forget '08 totally,  
> would be
> less hassle for everyone. But, I could be short sighted on this. Is  
> there a
> good reason to continue with the '08 step? Maybe this is valuable  
> approach
> from the stand-point of just using the newest version of the  
> software, or
> for those times when you may want the product to be an e-mail, or web
> product or a use like that.

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