[MacDV] closed captioning

Rich rgb at ellerbach.com
Sat May 16 04:02:18 PDT 2009

On 11-5-2009 7:01, Joan Keenan wrote:
> I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Is there anyone on the  
> list who knows about closed captioning and Final Cut Pro Studio2?
> I am working on a 1-hr. documentary and had planned to send it away to  
> add closed captioning. Now my question is how do I get the closed  
> captions to DVD? The company I contacted will return the caption  
> master to me on DVCAM. The more I research the less I understand :-)  
> Will I lose the CC line if I bring it back into FCP?
> Thanks for any advice.
> Joan Keenan

True CC is not part of the video file (it is embedded in the broadcast 
video signal) so I don't think any of the video editors deal with them. 
The CC service company should be able to tell you for sure but I think 
once the CC info is created you are no longer able to do any editing of 
the video file or you'll loose synch between the CC text and the video 

If you have a service just add captioning subtitles then they are part 
of the video file and the video editors like FCP will be able to show them.

As far as I know this latter type of hard captioning is done with an 
external file of text with timecodes for where to insert that text. Then 
a program does the merge to produce the final video file.


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