[MG] New guy here :)

David Klaus mrpopman at lemlists.com
Sun Mar 2 08:50:03 PST 2003

 From Google <http://mac.the-underdogs.org/>

>    What's the url for the site?
>Hi all,
>Just thought I'd pipe up to say hello. I am new to this list, but I have
>been a member of the iBook, Swap, MacUK and Duo/2400 lists for a while now,
>so I thought I'd take a look at the Mac game scene.
>I use a G3 iBook and iMac (summmer 2000) and play things like Unreal
>Tournament, Escape from Monkey Island, Airburst, Worms, Age of Empires II
>and so on.
>There's a great web site called Macintosh Garden that has about 300 older
>Mac games available for download if anyone's interested, but I'd hazard a
>guess that you are all aware of that site. I've gotten lots of my old faves
>from there that I used to play on the Amiga; like Monkey Island, Indiana
>Jones & the last crusade, rise of the dragon etc. I love the old Lucasarts
>games, and the Sierra one's are pretty good too.
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