[MG] ? FPS Games, Mac OS X, & Mouse Control ?

Stephen Thirlwell stephen at blacknight.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 09:41:33 PST 2003

On 16/3/03 5:09 pm, "Zachary Black" <zblack at zsculpt.com> wrote:

> I'll put it this way:  Q3 was playable for me on my old iMac 350 G3
> under OS 9.  It's not playable now on my iMac 700 G4 under OS X.  The
> problem is even apparent on a 1GhzDP PowerMac.  Go figure...

Yeah I have the same results with Unreal Tournament. Under Mac OS X I find
mouse responsiveness very sluggish. Boot into 9 and everything is ok.



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