[MG] ? FPS Games, Mac OS X, & Mouse Control ?

Zachary Black zblack at zsculpt.com
Sun Mar 16 09:09:44 PST 2003

>    you say below that it doesn't happen using identical hardware under 
> OS9...  can you be more specific regarding your hardware here?
> for example, I'm writing this on a beige G3 that's been upgraded as 
> best as it could be to a g4 - but I'm not gonna run games with taxing 
> graphics on it because it just can't handle it.  In fact, it couldn't 
> handle Unreal when it first came out, let alone UT.
> maut

I'll put it this way:  Q3 was playable for me on my old iMac 350 G3 
under OS 9.  It's not playable now on my iMac 700 G4 under OS X.  The 
problem is even apparent on a 1GhzDP PowerMac.  Go figure...

Zachary Black
Z Sculpt Entertainment
zblack at zsculpt.com

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