[MG] Aspyr vs. Intel video

David Lowe doctorjlowe at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 4 21:27:45 PST 2008

Happy New Year!

	Can anybody fill me in on why it is so hard for Aspyr games to  
support onboard Intel video as seen in, for instance, the Mac Mini?   
Granted, i realize that it's sort of a basic video card, and i  
wouldn't expect to get blazin' frame rates, but not even Civilization  
III will work on it.  A brand new, top of the line 2.0 GHz Mini can't  
even run older 'bargain basement' Aspyr games like Shrek or Indiana  
Jones.  In fact, i'm looking at Aspyr's Game Agent right now: the  
number of their products that'll run on the new Mini can be counted  
on one hand.  That's two utilities, two Sims games [Life Stories/Pet  
Stories - i presume these are standalone and not expansion packs for
Sims 2, which does not run on the GMA 950] and Star Wars: Empire at War.

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