[MPA] Pro Tools on dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4

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Mon Dec 9 04:48:26 PST 2002

 And one more from the apple Discussions page.

Digidesign 001 and Apple G4 - Brin Addison (Posted 09:45am Sep 22, 2002 CST)
OK ther seems to ba a lot of dicution on Digidesigns web site about this but none here. 

So here goes and I hope an Apple administrator is monitoring these discutions. 

When the Digi 001 PCI card for Protools LE is connected with the I/O interface cable the G4 simply won't even turn on. This seems to me to be a powering problem 'cause tyhe Digi001 get's it's power from the PC I card. 

Any Ideas Apple? These machines are expensive and if they don't work properly then they're NO GOOD AT ALL !!!!! 

Solve this problem and read the discutions conserning G4's Mirrored Drive Doors and Digidesing 's Digi001 


In: Apple - Discussions > Power Mac G4 \ G3\Cube > Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) > Expansion 
	RE: Digidesign 001 and Apple G4 - Scott Logan (Posted 11:55pm Dec 6, 2002 CST)
I'M UP AND RUNNING: My Digi 001 incompatibility problem has finally been resolved and ProTools is working! What it took for me was a new power supply from Apple. If you're in the same plckle I was in since September, I hope this is helpful and that your Digi issue is resolved soon, too. Man, I know how @#$% frustrating that waiting is! 

Merry Christmas 

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