[MPA] Pro Tools on dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4

green dragon greendragon at angelfire.com
Mon Dec 9 03:48:25 PST 2002

 Hi again found this artical at xlr8yourmac.com
hope it helps.

More Comments on Digidesign Audio card Problems in G4 DDR Systems - Motherboard Change?
The latest reader comments on the issues seen with some PCI cards (often audio cards) in the new G4 Towers. (See earlier news item for more info/links to past reports) 

" Hey Mike,
Regarding the Digi001 issue with the MDD macs, you can now call the AppleCare line and Apple has a fix for the machine. Apparently the new macs have a hardware issue that has been since fixed and newer machines shouldn't have the problem. When you call AppleCare if you have an affected machine they should offer a motherboard replacement that could take a few weeks.
Shawn "

Another reader earlier today wrote with more info on the card issue and also mentioned a motherboard revision (not just a firmware update that some had suspected would be the fix) 

" Hi Mike, Just wanted to add a couple of things about the ongoing PCI card G4 mirror drive issue. 

Digidesign has "2" hardware PCI cards that are affected. The 001 and the D/24. 

PTLE..is the "software" that comes with all "host" based products. It has no bearing on the issue. PTLE systems are AMIII, 001, Mbox and the new 002. Out of those..it's the 001 card with the issue. The "LE" stands for "limited edition". (or cut down version of the full Protools software) 
PT TDM systems are not host based..but run entirely on hardware for DSP and use the "full" version of Protools software. PT TDM systems are d/24, Mix, Mixplus series and the new HD series.

Out of those..only systems using the d/24 cards are affected. 

This issue with these systems is a condition that the mac will not boot with the cards installed..OR..it will hang when the Digi init extension loads. 

According to Digi, this problem has been traced to Apple engineering. 

Apple setup an applecare database for it (only available to apple employees) and the people who called reported apple asked for their motherboard revision and are telling them that there will most likely be a replacement motherboard in 3 weeks. 

So, mainly wanted to let you know...LE and 001 are the same thing. LE is the PT version software that comes with 001, AMIII, Mbox and 002.
Just FYI.
Daryl C. "

I checked Digidesign's web site G4/AGP System Compatibility page and it has the following note:

" Current Qualification Schedule
Apple Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) Dual 867 MHz & Dual 1 GHz
...Important Note: Though we have not yet qualified the Digi 001 system or the d|24 PCI card with the new CPUs, some users have experienced a system hang when loading the DigiSystem INIT. If you have experienced this problem with either a Digi 001 or d|24 PCI card when connected to one of the "mirrored door" G4s, you should contact AppleCare at 1 800 APL-CARE (within the U.S.). For those customers outside of the US, there should be an AppleCare card included in your Apple product packaging which has the local AppleCare phone number. When contacting AppleCare, customers should refer to the "Digidesign Digi 001 audio system". "

The Apple support person I talked to was not aware of the motherboard change/revision and referred the issue to a tech specialist. (The dual G4 1GHz I used also developed a bad dimm slot apparently based on POST errors within several hours of use. The 3rd new Mac I've personally seen this year with hardware failures.)
The good news is this change hopefully will solve the issues seen with other cards also (like the LinxTWO C) and if the reports are correct, recently shipped G4s may be ok with these cards now. (If anyone knows what the revision is of the latest DDR G4 motherboards, let me know.)

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