[MPA] MOTU 828 Version 1.0 for OS X driver posted

John Neumann jneumann at ece.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 19 07:06:56 PST 2002

Hi Chris,

	I have a setup very similar to yours. So far, I haven't been 
able to record anything with the 828 in OS X. Every application I 
have (including Sound Studio) crashed when I try to select the 828 as 
the input source. Also, Sound Studio doesn't list the 828 as an 
output device. On the other hand, I can play out OK- I've used 
Doggiebox and iTunes just fine.

I hope there's a fix for Sound Studio, because it's my most-used 
program at the moment (I'm archiving a lot of tapes and vinyl).


At 16:08 -0800 12/18/02, Christopher Sommers wrote:
>If you have not already downloaded it, it's available at the MOTU 
>website.  So far, I'm impressed.  I'm now using the 828 with iTunes 
>as the new driver is fully integrated into system audio and core 
>audio.  I'm using Deck and it seems to like the new driver just fine 
>(Tibook 500 mhtz/10.2.1 GM 6D52/512 MB RAM).
>However, Sound Studio 2.0.7, seems to crash upon launch now. 
>Console is giving me some log output and a crash log.  I have not 
>figured out a workaround for this as of yet.  If anyone else out 
>there is having more success with Sound Studio 2.0.7 and the new 1.0 
>828 driver, perhaps you could let us know.


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