[MPA] MOTU 828 Version 1.0 for OS X driver posted

Christopher Sommers csommers at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 19 07:52:32 PST 2002

I just got Sound Studio 2.0.7 to work with the 828 and the new 1.0 
driver.  However, I guess the trick is to only use it for output.

I set the sound control panel in X to use the 828 for output, but 
built-in audio for input.  I then turned on the 828 and launched Sound 
Studio.  In the output/input set up in Sound Studio, the 828 was now 
showing up in the list of output devices.  I selected it in the output 
section and boom, it worked.

So I guess this crash mainly occurs when you select the 828 as an input 
device (which makes sense as Sound Studio can't handle all the input 
channels of the 828).

Recording worked fine in this set up (using built in audio and built in 
mic) with playback through the MOTU.

Chris Sommers

On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 07:06 AM, John Neumann wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> 	I have a setup very similar to yours. So far, I haven't been able to 
> record anything with the 828 in OS X. Every application I have 
> (including Sound Studio) crashed when I try to select the 828 as the 
> input source. Also, Sound Studio doesn't list the 828 as an output 
> device. On the other hand, I can play out OK- I've used Doggiebox and 
> iTunes just fine.
> I hope there's a fix for Sound Studio, because it's my most-used 
> program at the moment (I'm archiving a lot of tapes and vinyl).
> -John
> At 16:08 -0800 12/18/02, Christopher Sommers wrote:
>> If you have not already downloaded it, it's available at the MOTU 
>> website.  So far, I'm impressed.  I'm now using the 828 with iTunes 
>> as the new driver is fully integrated into system audio and core 
>> audio.  I'm using Deck and it seems to like the new driver just fine 
>> (Tibook 500 mhtz/10.2.1 GM 6D52/512 MB RAM).
>> However, Sound Studio 2.0.7, seems to crash upon launch now. Console 
>> is giving me some log output and a crash log.  I have not figured out 
>> a workaround for this as of yet.  If anyone else out there is having 
>> more success with Sound Studio 2.0.7 and the new 1.0 828 driver, 
>> perhaps you could let us know.
>> Regards,
>> Chris
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