[MPA] Digi001 OS X Driver response from DD

dj moda djmoda at trancefusion.com
Tue Nov 26 00:46:55 PST 2002

A native Mac OS X version of Pro Tools is slated to be released by year's

For all preliminary PT 6.0 information:

We (Tech Support) are not aware of how third party software will be able to
communicate with our hardware under Mac OS X...in other words, we do not
know if: 
1- Core Audio Drivers will be released
2-Third parties will need to continue and support DAE or the Direct I/O
3-ASIO drivers will still be required for software such as Cubase, Nuendo
and Peak. 

If I were to guess, an ASIO driver will need to be developed for
compatibility with Cubase SX. Since we did not write any of the previous
ASIO drivers for our hardware, you should contact Steinberg regarding this

Best regards, 
Digidesign Technical Support 

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