[MPA] Pro Tools Free problem

John Neumann jneumann at ece.cmu.edu
Wed Nov 27 06:33:27 PST 2002

I recommend Sound Studio. I think you can use it for 14 days free. It 
will do what you want, plus it's really great for transferring tape 
and vinyl (the editing and splitting interfaces are well thought 
out). I ended up buying it.


At 8:19 +0100 11/27/02, Andrew Yonda wrote:
>I'm having a problem with Pro Tools Free where when I
>try to open a new file it says "Could not save because
>of a disk error."  I'm not sure if this is a Pro Tools
>issue or just my computer, but the program used to
>work and now it doesn't.  I'm running OS 9.1 with 640
>megs of RAM on a G4/466.  The virtual memory is off. 
>Should I give up on PTFree?  I was hoping to record
>and burn a couple demos this week--can anyone suggest
>alternate (especially free) software?  I don't
>necessarily even need multi-tracking, just the ability
>to record from a stereo input (my analog four-track)
>and output an mp3 or aiff or wav would be fine.
>Thanks for any advice you can give,
>Andrew Yonda
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