[MPA] DP 4 For OS X Shipping (PLUS FCP4)

Peter Kirn musicmac at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 6 20:03:35 PDT 2003

Has anyone received a copy of DP4 in the mail yet? MOTU said shipments 
would begin (presumably, leave their point of origin) on April 2, and 
that orders would be shipped in the order they were received.

Some of us are, of course, very, very anxious to receive a copy!

It's interesting that MOTU has remained fairly mum on detailing new 
features, at least in terms of documentation, so I have to admit that 
while I'm up on offerings from everyone else, I don't really know 
what's new in DP4!

Speaking of great Mac software with a "4" in the title, how about them 
Apples: Final Cut Pro 4 announced today on apple.com.

Significant new audio features:

Final Cut Pro 4’s new Scoring Markers let sound editors quickly adapt 
multiple tracks of audio to changes in a video project. This ensures 
that audio conforms to video projects, so changes to video do not 
require completely re-editing and re-scoring your music soundtrack.
Real-time rubber-banding, keyframe thinning, and audio filters (with 
live parameter adjustments) provide professional audio tools. What’s 
more, Final Cut Pro 4 comes with professional audio effects and Audio 
Units plug-in support, including killer plug-ins from Apple and eMagic.

I don't know what the hell Apple is talking about with "Soundtrack" -- 
uh, royalty free clips sounds to me like an iMovie feature, not Final 
Cut, thanks very much from the composers!! :-)

But nice to see new pro features. Audio has been a real weak link in 
audio programs and I'm still surprised there's not more Logic 
integration. (Avid touts Pro Tools integration but there, too, 
functionality seems limited for now -- wait for the next generation, 


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