[MPA] DP 4 & FCP 4

Thubten Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Sun Apr 6 21:23:59 PDT 2003

Soundtrack is auto composition creation software from synthetic loops 
and effects not royalty free compositions already written. A bunch of 
phrases get put together by you according to what you want it to sound 
like and whala. Very cool and much needed. This is how I interpret the 
description at


Here's the audio editing page for those who don't want to wade through 
trying to find it:


Very exciting.


On Sunday, April 6, 2003, at 08:03  PM, Peter Kirn wrote:

> Has anyone received a copy of DP4 in the mail yet? MOTU said shipments 
> would begin (presumably, leave their point of origin) on April 2, and 
> that orders would be shipped in the order they were received.
> Some of us are, of course, very, very anxious to receive a copy!
> It's interesting that MOTU has remained fairly mum on detailing new 
> features, at least in terms of documentation, so I have to admit that 
> while I'm up on offerings from everyone else, I don't really know 
> what's new in DP4!
> Speaking of great Mac software with a "4" in the title, how about them 
> Apples: Final Cut Pro 4 announced today on apple.com.
> Significant new audio features:
> Final Cut Pro 4’s new Scoring Markers let sound editors quickly adapt 
> multiple tracks of audio to changes in a video project. This ensures 
> that audio conforms to video projects, so changes to video do not 
> require completely re-editing and re-scoring your music soundtrack.
> Real-time rubber-banding, keyframe thinning, and audio filters (with 
> live parameter adjustments) provide professional audio tools. What’s 
> more, Final Cut Pro 4 comes with professional audio effects and Audio 
> Units plug-in support, including killer plug-ins from Apple and > eMagic.
> I don't know what the hell Apple is talking about with "Soundtrack" -- 
> uh, royalty free clips sounds to me like an iMovie feature, not Final 
> Cut, thanks very much from the composers!! :-)
> But nice to see new pro features. Audio has been a real weak link in 
> audio programs and I'm still surprised there's not more Logic 
> integration. (Avid touts Pro Tools integration but there, too, 
> functionality seems limited for now -- wait for the next generation, 
> perhaps?)
> Peter

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