Digidesign 002, LE, and Logic Audio advice

David Wilson wilson at brandeis.edu
Thu Apr 17 14:41:16 PDT 2003

I'm upgrading my studio, and looking at switching from Pro Tools 5
"down" to 002. What would I be losing by
going down to the LE software? I rarely mix more than 24 tracks.
I like the idea of getting off the PCI and SCCI train, and moving to the
more elegant and simple world of firewire.

Some other questions to those in the know:
Any inkling when OS X version of LE is coming out?

Does LE work as an editor without the control surface connected?

Can I get 24-32 tracks off 1 firewire drive, the web site seemed to 
you'd get 24 tracks max off a firewire drive.

The digi web site has some language about Pro Tools being compatible 
Logic - what exactly does that mean? Just that the files are 
interchangeable, the plug-ins
available to both apps,
or is there something more than that?

ilok- I've read lots of nasty stories about it- what do I need to look 
out for?
Is it possible to get a back up authorization?

The 002 control surface- any chance this will somewhere down the line
act as a logic controller as well? One multi-function controller- too 
to ask for, eh?

Well, any thoughts or comments on the topic would be welcome.

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