[MPA] iTunes 4

Thubten Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Mon Apr 28 11:02:59 PDT 2003

AAC encoding good. 99¢ per cut not cost effective. I paid $6 for Yoko 
Ono's TEN track Maxi-Single of "Walking On Thin Ice" which is 72.5 
minutes long yesterday — $4 less expensive. I paid $18 for 21 tracks 
and 141.5 minutes of Nick Warren's Global Underground Reykjavik 024 two 
CD box yesterday — $3 less expensive. I have a big booklet that came 
with it, I have three CDs that I can rip anyway I like as often as I 
like, and it was $7 less expensive. The Apple Music service pricing 
doesn't make any sense. The downloaded track must cost significantly 
less than the cost of buying CDs before this model will work. I think 
49¢ a track is a more realistic success target price.

All it means is that CDs will become less expensive than ever as 
retailers fight back including Amazon.com. And that's a good thing. ; ^ 


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