share Mbox/PT-LE with 2 computers?

david clayton dclayton at
Sun Aug 3 09:25:16 PDT 2003

Suppose I want to use my powerbook for tracking, but edit on my desktop 
... and suppose I buy an Mbox ... can I put the PT-LE software on both 
computers?  I'm guessing I would have to move the Mbox back and forth 
between machines to authenticate the software on the machine I'm 
currently using -- would that actually work?

Also, suppose I hang the Mbox off the USB port of my desktop.  Would I 
then be able to use the Delta 1010 card installed on that machine for 
output (or even input/output), or would I be restricted to using the 
Mbox as I/O?


David F. Clayton, Ph.D.       The University of Illinois
dclayton at             217-244-3668

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