[MPA] share Mbox/PT-LE with 2 computers?

david clayton dclayton at life.uiuc.edu
Sun Aug 3 10:32:36 PDT 2003

> On Sunday, August 3, 2003, at 12:16  PM, Maik Waschfeld wrote:
>> You could try to get an Audiomedia III-PCI-card for about $200 at 
>> ebay (incl. ProTools LE), if you still have free PCI-slots in your 
>> desktop.

Thanks for the info Maik ... yes, I'm on OSX.  A couple more questions--

1. when i move the Mbox from the USB on the powerbook to the desktop 
and back, is a restart required or is all this how-swappable?

2. you mention the Audiomedia III card -- do you know if  that's OS X 
compatible?  And I assume that would be an earlier version of the LE 
software -- do you know if that version can be upgraded to 6 (or 
whatever it takes to run on OSX)?


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