[MPA] Anybody working with Minidisc and Mac?

Elsa Lankford elankford at UBmail.ubalt.edu
Sun Aug 10 04:42:49 PDT 2003

OK, I might end up with analog out then.  I also have virtual PC (haven't 
installed it yet) and am very curious to see if I can use the Sony software 
through that.  I'm almost positive mine doesn't have an optical out.  I have a 
G4 & MOTU 828 (now I wish I had both the G5 & the cool new 828 mkII (I think 
that's what it's called now)).  But I'll read through the manual again and 
make sure what my outputs are.


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>Some MiniDisc players have optical S/PDIF I/O... will work great with
>the new G5!  I've got a MOTU 308 interface that has 8 channels of
>optical S/PDIF I/O, but to my ears, the analog outs on my MiniDisc
>player work just fine, too.
>Scott Jacob Loehr
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