the question that won't go away

Bobbo bobbo924 at
Sun Aug 10 07:58:42 PDT 2003

Boy, sure could use that styrofoam, so here's my understanding.

Pro Tools, except for Pro Tools Free, requires Digi hardware to run. Pro
Tools Free apparently doesn't run in Classic mode under OSX. So the answer
seems to be, no. I recently attended the PT 6.1 blurb tour, and someone
asked if Free were being ported to X. The answer there was, maybe
eventually, but nothing is in progress at the moment.

You may contact me offlist about payment. Mmmmm. Styrofoam.

>Third try.
>I'll give a nice piece of styrofoam to anyone who will answer the
>(whether it's a stupid question, or not):
>	Can Griffin's iMic be used with ProTools 6.1 for Mac OS X ?
>Is this a forbidden question?
>Will I be cursed for asking it?
>Maybe......nobody really knows the answer?
>Free piece of styrofoam!
>Think about it...
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