[MPA] the question that won't go away

Ed Special edspecial at digitalrealm.net
Mon Aug 11 17:28:21 PDT 2003

The styrofoam giveaway has gone away -along with my question.
Thanks to Bobbo for speaking up first. He gets a copy of a radio 
collage about ants with his styrofoam.

And thanks to all who replied.
Margarete Thomsen.     I use it with some audio apps in OS X.
Drew Dalzell.    It's a low budget summer for me. Maybe someday.....
David Crandon.   I used to have a nice piece with the black specks. If 
I find it David, you can have it!
> Is it the kink with the little blue specks in it?
> David Crandon

I suppose it would be fair to send a piece if you really want one. . . 
. .

On Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 10:14  PM, Ed Special wrote:

> Okay.
> Third try.
> I'll give a nice piece of styrofoam to anyone who will answer the 
> question
> (whether it's a stupid question, or not):
> 	Can Griffin's iMic be used with ProTools 6.1 for Mac OS X ?

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